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COSIMU is a non-profit organisation which has for mission to offer our youth a simple and intuitive access to sound creation. Our experimented animators offer training courses for teachers as well as workshops of flexible length and format, variable upon request, and adaptable to all age groups.

If your institution does not own digital tablets, COSIMU provides the complete equipment at the an equipment rental cost.



We offer the option of turnkey workshops to schools of all ages and sorts, to librairies and cultural centres, as well as various sociocultural and artistic events! Our skilled animators can take on from 10 to 25 students* for one, two, three hours, for either one time only introducing Fonofone to your class, or on a given timeframe in order to build collectively a sound creation piece to perform live in concert!

* Group sizes vary depending of the age of participants


 photo taken at the Musical Camp Père Lindsay, 2015

photo taken at the Musical Camp Père Lindsay, 2015


workshop example

Once the ground rules established, students explore the application freely and individually. They are then asked to name elements as precisely as possible and consequently, to grasp concepts through feedback on their own experience taking shape as questions : « can someone tell me what is the triangle’s purpose? »

Depending on the time of which we dispose, one or two games of « solfège » and a few simple gestures will be offered to the students, for example a wave (crescendo/decrescendo) which will help understand and master the tools as well as developing hearing acuity. This exercise can act as the transition towards a creative mode. Our objective is to bring the group to produce a complete creative gesture.

Once obtained, we continue to a performance mode ; we need to allow ourselves the time to replay the piece at least once after critical feedback and improvement propositions. Being able to work many times with the same group is ideal. However, it is more than possible to offer a complete circuit in one workshop, from a discovery of the application to the achievement of a collective piece.


workshop reservation

We offer you readymade customizable workshops in the following ways: 

  • Fonofone workshops offered through the " Culture à l’école " program ;
  • Teachers interested in having us may also use the SPÉ Program (educational program support) and the Ateliers-maison (consult your local management) ;
  • Contact-us directly to create a workshop plan tailored especially to your needs! 


Fonofone is an instrument for sound creation that is open and extremely adaptable to each and every teacher's needs. You wish to introduce Fonofone in your school and lead your own Fonofone projects and sound creations with your students? our team of professional composers and animators offer training courses to equip you with the tools you need.

Understand the pedagogical approach behind Fonofone, get tools and tips on how to use the application and on how to lead a Fonofone project with students.

Teacher trainings can be hosted on a pedagogical day /in-a-service day, or other!

 Training given at the FAMEQ with the Centre de Musique Canadienne at UQÀM, 2016

Training given at the FAMEQ with the Centre de Musique Canadienne at UQÀM, 2016


We are currently working on an online interactive platform dedicated to teachers who would like to integrate Fonofone's pedagogical approach to their teachings!

This platform will include:

  • Various propositions of activities aiming towards sound exploration and musical language methods, digital music sheets, example of productions, etc. ;
  • A space for exchanging and sharing ideas and creations ;
  • Application "Maestro" , a teacher's manual allowing to manage sounds and activities and to upload them simply to your class's iPads ; 
  • And many more!

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