a long-term project

For the past fifteen years, our team has been working on the development of digital tools aimed towards the learnings of sound creation. Our mission is to offer applications that are intuitive and playful, while stimulating creativity as well as the imaginary. We create tools that stand outside of traditional approaches to music production. We first invented the Musicolateur, a small desk with two touch screens, cut-out in zones which each corresponded to a sound processing mode: selection tool, filter, sound variation, metronome, arpeggiator...

And then one day, the iPad appeared in our lives.

We then took the decision to abandon the hardware development and to focus on our concept within the iOS environment. Thus, after four years of development, fonofone was born. The application was founded on the same principals that were at the base of the Musicolateur : to offer an intuitive interface, playful and transparent, allowing to be immediately immersed in the creative process and favouring live performance.