Fonofone is a powerful sound creation tool and an instrument for live performance. Designed by creators for creators in search of unique, powerful and intuitive applications, fonofone adapts itself as much to the learning of sound and musical creation within a school environment, than to the individual exploration. 

Fonofone allows you to:

• record your own sounds (door slam, a yawn, a car, etc.) or use the 115 sounds available on the application (PRO version),

• transform them indefinitely, 

• export your creations and integrate them to your editing softwares or share them with your fans and friends, 

• integrate fonofone to your band and live performances.


Explore fonofone, which offer the basic tools you'll need and over 25 sounds.

To access the full potential of the application, get fonofone PRO now!  Access all our sound processing tools, the advanced recording function and over 80 additional sounds from the personal library of composer Yves Daoust, co-designer of fonofone.


N.B. : Fonofone is partially supported on iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini et iPhone 4s. Certain features were removed to ensure the smooth running of the application.