COSIMU presents Fonofone, a unique application with endless possibilities and a constantly renewable source of wonder and creative excitement. Fonofone is the result of almost fifteen years of research led by composer and pedagogue Yves Daoust and digital instrument designer Alexandre Burton, assisted by numerous collaborators, creators and professors. The designers’ aim was to develop intuitive and playful tools to expand the youth’s creativity by exploring the infinite world of sound. No need for any musical knowledge prior to use. This application was designed to respond specifically to pedagogical needs first, answering to the three requirements of the ministerial program: creating, performing, appreciating.

Fonofone allows you to:

• record your own sounds (door slam, a yawn, a car, etc.) or use the 115 sounds available on the application (Complete version) ;

• transform them indefinitely ;

• export your creations and integrate them to your editing softwares or share them with your colleagues and friends ;

• develop a sound creation collectively and perform it together live!

Explore Fonofone, which offer the basic tools you'll need and over 25 sounds.

To access the full potential of the application, get Fonofone Complete version now!  Access all our sound processing tools, an advanced recording function and over 80 additional sounds from the personal library of composer Yves Daoust, co-designer of the application.


N.B. : Fonofone is partially supported on iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini et iPhone 4s. Certain features were removed to ensure the smooth running of the application.




We are currently working on an online interactive platform dedicated to teachers who would like to integrate Fonofone's pedagogical approach to their teachings!

This platform will include:

  • Various propositions of activities aiming towards sound exploration and musical language methods, digital music sheets, example of productions, etc. ;
  • A space for exchanging and sharing ideas and creations ;
  • Application "Maestro" , a teacher's manual allowing to manage sounds and activities and to upload them simply to your class's iPads ; 
  • And many more!

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